No, but what the fuck, Metatron making references to subtext and to the viewer’s interpretations being as valid as the writers and calling Dean Cas’ boytoy and then says, “The problem with having well-drawn characters is that sometimes they surprise you.”

I’m not saying Destiel but fucking DESTIEL

THAT WAS MY THOUGHT PROCESS. He was looking directly into the camera like he was TALKING TO US.


"How are you, Dean?"

Sorry, not sorry that I’ll be reblogging this same picture over and over tonight. 


okay, well, now i’m turned on


okay, well, now i’m turned on

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What have you done?

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concerned!boyfriends are my weakness

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Just some of my favorite destiel tumblr posts

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And this is the article we got !!!

I’m so proud of you people, SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

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Supernatural AU

Dean and Sam work in the FBI, or maybe they only pretend to be agents, while being on the hunt. I couldn’t decide which version I prefer more. Castiel Novak is one of the witnesses.

Bonus scene:

- Yeah, you definitely regret this case…

- Shut up, Sammy, I’m just happy that he finally left

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